Future Goals

  • In a climate of teacher shortages, to be able to attract, recruit and retain teachers of the highest standard in order to maintain a consistent high level of education to all children.
  • Develop the Trust’s own “Terms and Conditions”, to address work-life balance and collaborative working across the Trust.
  • Promote and develop levels of leadership to the highest possible standard to meet the needs of a Multi Academy Trust.
  • To support the professional development of staff through embedding a culture of coaching and mentoring at all levels across the Trust (see protocol).
  • Devolve greater responsibility to leaders and managers at all levels across the Trust, building in a robust system of accountability, to develop a more creative and proactive workforce.
  • To work with educational establishments outside the MAT to raise educational achievement through research and the development of new teaching methods that seek excellence in all that we do.
  • Improve the efficiency, communication and sharing of key documents at all levels of leadership, including Directors, to meet the needs of a growing and developing Multi Academy Trust.