Quotes from a recent visit to the sponser Acacdemy from students:

I attended Sturry CE Primary school today. It was a very positive experience. We were greeted upon arrival and made to feel very welcome. All the teachers and TAs were very helpful and invited us to chat to them at any time during the day if we had any questions. During our main meeting at 12pm, the staff were very helpful and willing to answer questions regarding the school, and general questions including finding a job and the expectations of the NQT year.

I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my invasion day at Sturry on the 23rd. We were made to feel very welcome by the staff who were willing to tell us about their work and answer any of our questions. The day was very well structured and I liked that we could go into any class in the afternoon. I found it very useful and really did like the school!

Sturry school was lovely.  They sent details of what we were all doing when before the day with the opportunity on the day of switching if we wanted to see a different year group.  They also provided us with breakfast! Always a win! All the staff were really lovely and welcoming and clearly knew why we were there and what we were doing.  The lessons we observed were all really good and I think we are all stealing a few ideas! It was a really lovely day and I think lots of us want to work there!

Start your teaching career with a supportive and collaborative network of teachers at The Stour Academy Trust.

The first year of teaching is a considerable significance in the professional development of a new teacher.  The Trust’s induction process ensures that the appropriate guidance, support, training, expectations and observations are provided through a structured but flexible individualised programme.

This programme will enable you to form a secure foundation upon which a successful teaching career can be built.

As a Trust, we recognise and value that staff work tirelessly as both individuals and as members of a team, to provide an outstanding standard of education and improve the life chances for all children.  Our staff are committed, passionate and go the extra mile in order to drive standards in our pursuit for excellence. 

Our commitment promises to recognise this dedication and offer a  work-life balance package which rewards, addresses work-life balance and demonstrates concern for the well-being of staff whilst ensuring that standards continue to drive forwards by working smarter. To facilitate this we have developed the following eight pledges to demonstrate how the Trust will address workloads and support an improved work life balance:

Working/personal hours

There is an expectation that no teachers will arrive at their school before 7.45am and that all staff will be expected to have departed the school by 5.00pm


All staff will not be expected to respond to e-mails after 6.00pm or at weekends.


Teachers are not expected to create lengthy plans, they should give a summary of learning intentions and give information to the Teaching Assistants.  Headteachers will not monitor planning.

Assessment, marking and feedback

Currently, the Trust policy places emphasis on ‘live marking’ and using Teaching Assistants to lessen the volume of marking outside of the lesson.  Work is currently underway on a pilot project to further refine the policy in the hope that in the future, no teacher will take marking home in the evening or the weekend.  

Scheduled Professional Meetings

A maximum of six scheduled meetings per term.

Daily breaks and duties

Teachers are entitled to a lunchtime break of 45 minutes, break time duties will be covered by support staff.

End of Year Reports

Teachers will only produce a summary report that significantly reduces the composition of the end of year report, being more focused and succinct.

Parent Consultations Evenings

The number of evenings required for teachers to attend is two evenings in the Autumn term and two in the Spring term. Specialist software removes teachers’ responsibility of administrating and co-ordinating parent appointments.

View the full document here.

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