Stour Academy

Thistle Hill Academy - First inspection

Despite receiving an overall judgement of ‘requires improvement’ in its first ever inspection, the education watchdog Ofsted has praised the Early Years provision of Thistle Hill Academy, judging it to be ‘good’ and has recognised the supportive impact of The Stour Academy Trust.

The significant turbulence of the Academy since its opening in September 2015 was acknowledged by the two-day inspection and has indicated that the school is well on its way to demonstrating sustained improvement after being re-brokered to The Stour Academy Trust just 15 months ago.

“Children in the early years make good progress. As a result of good leadership and effective teaching, they are active and inquisitive, engage well with adults, and explore their learning enthusiastically.”

“Since January 2018, the trust’s renewed efforts to drive improvement have shown credible success. Leaders’ actions are already having a significant effect on the quality of teaching and pupils’ progress.”

Simon O’Keefe, Chief Executive Officer of The Stour Academy Trust said, “Thistle Hill Academy will continue to receive substantial support from the Trust for some time to come. The Stour Academy Trust remains committed to rapidly improving the school in partnership with the support of parents, staff and pupils on the school's journey to outstanding.”