Stour Academy

The Stour Academy Trust currently consists of eight Academies across Kent. Please click on the links below to view the websites of each Academy.




Our Strategy for Growth

The Stour Academy Trust offers high quality teaching and learning. Sadly, there still remains too many schools with thousands of pupils who are not receiving the level of teaching and learning they deserve.


When a school is proposed to be part of our MAT we consider:

  • Moral obligation
  • Size of school. Any new school joining the Trust will need to be single form entry and above.
  • Financial position of school
  • Distance between schools
  • Ofsted category of the school

However, our moral obligation to raise standards and address underperformance remains the overiding consideration.

  • Our intention and ambition is to create a network of outstanding schools that thrive through collaboration and interaction.
  • We feel a sense of responsibility and obligation to expand. We will only expand when we have the capacity to do so. It is the responsibility of the Trust to build capacity as it develops.
  • Our Trust will serve a range of communities including those with relatively high levels of deprivation.
  • We have a strong affiliation with Canterbury Christ Church University and continue to work in close partnership with the Local Authority.

What we won’t do………

  • Put competition before collaboration.
  • Nor do anything that would be detrimental to any young person, staff or school in a neighbouring community.