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Join a supportive and collaborative network of teachers at The Stour Academy Trust.

Teachers required on the Isle of Sheppey

The Stour Academy Trust are looking to recruit enthusiastic and resilient teachers to join our passionate team at Richmond Academy, starting in September 2019. Please follow the link below to find out more.

Teaching on the Isle of Sheppey 

Supporting NQTs

The first year of teaching is a considerable significance in the professional development of a new teacher. Our induction process ensures that the appropriate guidance, support, training, expectations and observations are provided through a structured but flexible individualised programme.

Leaders provide effective support for teachers, many of whom are new to the school and the profession. Teachers are proud to work in the school and benefit from high quality training. Ofsted 2019 Richmond Academy

Teachers, almost all of whom started at the school in September 2018, and some of whom are new to the profession, are proud to work at the school. They feel well supported by leaders, who they believe care for their well-being. One member of staff who responded to Ofsted’s online survey wrote, 'The leadership team are endlessly supportive and treat staff with respect. They have put in place an excellent work-life balance and always make time for their staff.' Ofsted 2019 Richmond Academy

Staff feel well supported and appreciate the range of training and professional development opportunities available within the trust. Newly qualified teachers and those new to the school are particularly well supported. Ofsted 2018 Finberry Primary School

Newly qualified teachers are supported to a high standard. For example, they are provided with regular support from an experienced mentor, and frequent opportunities to observe best practice from other teachers within the trust. Clearly focused training schedules ensure that newly qualified teachers gain rapidly the necessary skills to develop into effective practitioners. Ofsted 2017 Lansdowne Primary School

Opportunities for career progression

Looking for more responsibility or greater professional development? The Stour Academy Trust can offer experienced teachers the opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities with rapid career progression in our successful and growing Trust.

Supported by a network of teachers, the Trusts collaborative model of working in Hubs allows Teachers access to resources, experience and opportunities that are just not available to those working in stand alone schools. 

60% of our Senior Leaders are ‘home grown’.

Our staffing structure places teachers on a clear career pathway, presenting numerous opportunities for further leadership or curriculum responsibilities.

Individualised support from Lead Practitioners

The Stour Academy Trust utilises Lead Practitioners to support its teachers to be outstanding.

As experienced coaches and mentors, Lead Practitioners support individual teachers by planning lessons together, modelling teaching, sharing best practice in developmental marking, demonstrating the effective use of TA’s, observing teaching and providing constructive feedback in a positive environment.

Teachers working with our Lead Practitioners have shown significant improvements in their teaching, leaving them feeling more confident and secure in their ability to deliver a positive impact on pupil learning.

Teacher Well-being

We recognise that people work more effectively when they are able to strike a healthy work-life balance. All staff are able to take their PPA time at home (1 full day every fortnight). 

Since its establishment in 2012, The Stour Academy Trust has recognised, and continues to recognise, School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions and nationally agreed terms and conditions for all staff.

As a Trust, we recognise and value that staff work tirelessly as both individuals and as members of a team, to provide an outstanding standard of education and improve the life chances for all children. Our staff are committed, passionate and go the extra mile in order to drive standards in our pursuit for excellence. 

Take a look at just some of our pledges to our teachers:

  • An additional day’s paid leave per academic year*
  • Staff not expected to respond to e-mails after 6.00pm or at weekends
  • Free confidential counselling
  • Teachers not expected to create lengthy plans
  • Emphasis on ‘live marking’ and using TA’s to lessen the volume of marking outside of lessons
  • A maximum of six scheduled meetings per term

*After the completion of two years’ continuous service


We can offer all teachers

  • permanent contract
  • Opportunity to move to other schools within the Trust
  • Full induction process
  • Ever evolving work-life balance package
  • Support from a network of experienced teachers
  • Excellent career development opportunities

We can offer NQT’s:

  • Support from experienced mentors
  • Frequent opportunities to observe best practice from other teachers within the trust
  • Clearly focused training schedules
  • Extensive support from our Lead Practitioners 

We can offer experienced teachers:

  • More responsibility
  • Greater professional development
  • Opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities
  • Rapid career progression

 Talent Pool

Interested in a career with The Stour Academy Trust? Follow the link below to join our Talent Pool, where we will be able to contact you when opportunities in the Trust are available.


Talent Pool